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Pure Birch Essential Oil
Pure Birch Essential Oil


Birch Essential Oil / Birch Tar Essential Oil / Pure and Therapeutic Grade

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Product Type: Essential Oil

Gender: Unisex

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Birch Essential Oil / Sweet Birch Essential Oil / White Birch Essential Oil / Silver Birch Essential Oil / Betula Essential Oil


Birch Essential Oil is a pale yellow to clear oil with a strong, fresh, and characteristic aroma. It has a sweet and woody scent with hints of mint and wintergreen. It is most widely known for repelling insects and treating acne.


Plant Part Used
The bark of various species of birch trees is used, including Betula pendula (Silver Birch), Betula lenta (Sweet Birch), and Betula alleghaniensis (Yellow Birch).


Extraction Process :
Birch Essential Oil is typically extracted through a process called steam distillation. The bark of the birch tree is harvested and subjected to high-pressure steam. The steam vaporizes the essential oil compounds present in the bark, which are then condensed and collected.


Birch Essential Oil for Pain Relief: It is valued for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used topically to alleviate muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatic conditions. Diluted Birch oil can be applied as a massage oil or added to bathwater for pain relief.

Birch Essential Oil for Respiratory Support: The fresh and invigorating aroma of Birch Essential Oil can help clear congestion and support respiratory health. Diffusing Birch oil or inhaling its steam can help relieve symptoms of colds, flu, and respiratory infections.

Birch Essential Oil for Skin Care: Birch Essential Oil has astringent and antiseptic properties that make it beneficial for skin care. It can help cleanse and purify the skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne, and promote a clear complexion. However, Birch oil is potent and should be diluted before applying to the skin to avoid irritation.

Birch Essential Oil for Hair Care: Birch Essential Oil can be added to hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners to promote scalp health and stimulate hair growth. It may help improve circulation to the scalp and reduce dandruff and flakiness.

Birch Essential Oil for Emotional Well-being: Birch Essential Oil has an uplifting and energizing scent that can help boost mood and promote mental clarity. It can be diffused to create a refreshing and stimulating atmosphere, especially during times of fatigue or low energy.

Birch Essential Oil for Household Cleaning: Birch Essential Oil has antimicrobial properties that make it effective for household cleaning. It can be added to homemade cleaning solutions to disinfect surfaces, deodorize rooms, and eliminate germs and bacteria.


Prevents bacterial and fungal infections
Reduces headaches and body pain
Helps with symptoms of arthritis 
Tightens pores and skin
Detoxifies body
Treats eczema and other skin conditions
Promotes digestion


Meant for external use
Do not consume 
Try patch skin test before full application 
Dilute before usage 
Avoid direct sun exposure
Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using this product


Birch Essential Oil Use & Benefits