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Pooja Oils For Spiritual Wellness And Healthcare

"Pooja oils" specifically used in Hindu religious rituals, ceremonies, and prayers, commonly known as "pooja" or "puja." Or "deepam Oil" These oils often have specific properties for their significance role in cultural and religious practices. 


Sandalwood Oil (Chandan Oil): Sandalwood oil is highly revered in Hindu traditions and is often used during poojas having purifying and calming properties even to control Rahu planet.


Lamp Oil (Deepam Oil): Lamp oil, also known as deepam oil, is used for lighting lamps (diyas) during religious ceremonies. 


Floral Oils: Some pooja oils are infused with the fragrance of specific flowers such as jasmine, rose, or marigold. These floral oils add a pleasant scent to the ritual and are used in offerings.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) Oil: Tulsi oil is considered sacred in Hinduism, and its use in poojas is common. It is believed to have purifying properties and is often used in rituals dedicated to Lord Vishnu.