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Ayurvedic Herbs Powder

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Ayurvedic herbs are plant-based natural substances used for detoxification, promoting health and wellness widely known as a traditional medicine system originating from India. Our Ayurvedic Herbs such as Ashwagandha, Triphala, Giloy, Amla are made from all natural and organic products. Our products are not mixed with any toxic chemicals any are naturally produced, packaged and delivered to you. Inculcating ayurvedic herbs into your daily routine can be extremely beneficial for your health, for reducing the risk of developing diseases and improve functioning. 
Further, our ayurvedic herbs product line provides a wide range of benefits that are highly sought after for enhancing overall well-being and natural healing. These ayurvedic herbs benefits include lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease, improves brain functions like attention and memory, lower anxiety and stress among other many benefits of improved skin, immune functioning and overall health.
Sourcing good quality herbs involves several key considerations to ensure their efficacy, safety, and sustainability. Here's a guide to help you source high-quality herbs:
1. Research and Education: Before purchasing herbs, educate yourself about the specific herbs you're interested in. Understand their traditional uses, active constituents, and any potential contraindications or interactions.
2. Supplier Reputation: Select a reputed ayurvedic herbs provider or manufacturer, preferably one that has an established market presence or has evidence to back up their claims. At Liana, we are committed to providing top of the line products as per the requirements and needs of the clients.
3. Certifications: Check the manufacturing company’s certifications as that reflects the standard of quality the manufacturing process follows. Liana is certified with AYUSH and has a GMP certificate which ensures quality standards and products. 
4. Country of Origin: Every product is naturally grown in a particular region, sourcing it from a naturally grown location over a synthetically sourced production reflects the efficiency and potency of the product. Further, transportation and delivery process for overseas production or sale also impacts the company’s reliability. Liana sources its naturally grown products from India and we are committed to providing products that are grown in a particular region and source them from their origin to provide full authenticity in our wide range of products. 
5. Sustainable Sourcing: Acquaint yourself with the procedure, guidelines and practices followed by the company to understand whether they follow eco-friendly or sustainable practices while sourcing, producing and packaging. At Liana, we always follows sustainable sourcing for every product in line with our policies. 
6. Wildcrafted vs. Cultivated: The company’s methodology of product harvesting also has its own benefits and drawbacks, i.e., wildcrafted or wild harvested herbs are pesticide-free and promote sustainable practices but may be relatively more expensive. On the other hand, cultivated herbs can be a less expensive route with easier accessibility and convenience, however you have to adhere to many guidelines and particulars when growing your own herbs. Liana responsibly sources herbs or cultivates them with respect to sourcing and producing guidelines to deliver the best quality product to our clients. 
7. Testing and Quality Control: To guarantee results and maximum benefits, choosing high quality ingredients, production or distillation procedures and standards followed from end to end are essential factors towards obtaining a reliable product. We are committed to provide tested and assure top quality products to our clients. 
8. Whole Herb vs. Extracts: It is essential to understand your needs depending on which you can make a decision between whole herbs or extracts-based products, i.e., whole herbs come with all of the plants chemicals and its benefits whereas extracts do not always provide the full range of the plants varieties but are tested before mainstream production and sale, hence it is recommended to go for products with high potency extracts for a wide range of benefits. At Liana, we provide whole herbs, extracts as well as activated herbs depending on product specifications and needs of the client. 
9. Packaging and Storage: A sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that is light on the environment, safe to use, and doesn’t interfere with the potency of the product is most essential. Further, at Liana, we produce in small batches to reserve the potency and benefits of the product as well as only use sustainable packaging and responsible sourcing. Bulk packaging is also available for some Herbal products. 
10. Price and Value: The cost of the production is usually given with a breakdown to maintain transparency with the clients, and a client should look at the available companies and products and make an informed decision based on the above-mentioned pointers as well as their resources and needs. Liana provides top quality products in an affordable range without compromising on quality.