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Fragrance Oils

Nature's Fine Aroma,  Captured in Every Drop


At Liana Healthcare, we welcome you to indulge your olfactory senses to delightful aromas that can elevate the way you live. Each bottle is packed with the goodness of aromatic notes that will create a soothing environment and tingle your senses. 



What is fragrance oil ?


Fragrance oils are very similar to perfumes in their composition. While they are designed synthetically, they carry the aroma or scent of the plant/ herb/ flower on which they are based. Fragrance oils are often confused with essential oils, but essential oils are pure extracts of the natural botanicals, unlike fragrance oils. 



Use of Fragrance Oils :


The use of fragrance oil ranges from personal use to businesses and industries in multiple sectors, such as -


Candle making 
Detergent manufacturing 
Soap making
Wax melts 
Shampoo and shampoo bars a
Cotton balls
Shower bombs
Agarbatti (incense) sticks  



If you are a business owner looking to place bulk orders for fragrance oil, reach out to us with your requirements and we will take care of it. 



Why choose Fragrance Oils from Liana Healthcare ?


Every bottle is crafted with precision.
Every bottle has the complete essence of the aroma you want and caters to different needs of your body. 
We promise good quality with competitive pricing . 
With in-house manufacturing, you can be assured that only the finest aromas reach you when you order with us . 
We have a range of options to choose from. From musky warmth to floral elegance, we have it all! 
Our fragrances are made to last! Our carefully balanced formulas ensure each scent lingers in the air for hours and dissipates gradually over time. 
Multiple uses- Our Fragrance Oils are versatile companions, suitable for various applications. Whether you seek to enhance your home, personalize your beauty routine, or craft scented gifts, these oils add a touch of luxury to every facet of your life.


 Fragrance oils have multiple uses and benefits and are heavily used in aromatherapy. Buy yourself a bottle today with Liana Healthcare and see how it helps with your mood!