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Tulsi Amrit - Rs 199 « Food Supplement« Home
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Product name : Tulsi Amrit - Rs 199
Product code : Tulsi Amrit
Price : INR 199.00  /  USD 5.00
Discounted Price   INR 199.00  / USD 5.00

Tulsi, the queen of herbs plays an important role in India only because of its amazing medicinal properties. It is very effective in curing of cough and cold. Tulsi has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,reduce stress enhance stamina and endurance,increase the bodys effecient use of oxygen,It is most beneficial in curing infection disease etc. It also reduces stress very quickly.

Benefits of Tulsi Amrit\"\"

  • Tulsi Amrit act on nervous system and increase memory Power. ( Brain Tonic)
  • It is effective natural cure for, Cough, Wet Cough, removal of phelgam from bronchial tube, Bronchitis and Asthma. ( chronice respiratory condtions are Agenig changes in lungs , chest Pain , Bronchitis,Pnemonia,Chronic Bronchitis,Asthma or Alllergy, Breathing difficulty Etc.)
  • Tulsi Amrit enhances Immune System and act as Anti Cancer.
  • Tulsi Amrit widely used in Fever act as antipyretic( Bring Down the Fever ), Pain reliever and provide strength to our body.
  • Tulsi Amrit Removes bad smell from Mouth.
  • Tulsi Amrit strengthing the effect of Kidney , if you take regularly it expel the stone through urinary tract.
  • Tulsi Amrit if you apply on Pimples it works as anti bacterial , relives in pain and removes pimples.
  • Tulsi amrit drops put in water along with salt for gargles in case of sore throat.
  • Tulsi Amrit is known to enhance immune system.
  • Tulsi Amrit is known as adaptogen or anti stress agent , it purify the blood and helps prevent several common ailments.
  • Just Put one drop in tea/Milk/Water etc , your tulsi tea is ready.

Dose: 1-2 drops or as required in water or Tea.

Tulsi Amrit Rs 199 Only.


15 ml Pack.

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