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Sandalwood Hydrosol

Product Code: SAHS

Product Type: Hydrosol / Water

Gender: Unisex

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Sandalwood Hydrosol 

Sandalwood Hydrosol is made from steam distillation of sandalowwod, a highly nourishing and moisturizing ingredient in skincare with many benefits. It is ideal for skincare as a direct application onto skin or mixed with lotions. It is known for reducing signs of ageing and gives your skin a soft, healthy, spotless and glowing skin. 


Ideal for
Purifying and detoxifying the skin
Removing spots
Hydrating, soothing skin
Improving skin tone and health
Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Aromatic relaxation and stress relief
Reducing dark circles 
Improving sunburn and sun damage


100% Natural and Pure Distilled Sandalwood Hydrosol 


Reasons to love
Our natural Sandalwood Hydrosol can be used for relaxation due to its grounding and woody aroma and for skincare due to its many wellness benefits. It not only provides gentle hydration and soothing for the skin but also provides intensive skin care through moisturization, deep repair and detoxification, and an improvement in signs of ageing. Its versatility and prized benefits make it a star product for skincare and wellbeing. 

100% naturally distilled hydrosol. Packed in glass reusable bottles for longer and sustainable use. Steam distillation process used with proper hygiene guidelines. Sourced from the best available natural products, using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Distilled in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and potency.

Sandalwood Hydrosol / Water Uses & Benefits