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Carrom is a drawing in redirection that is played among relatives in the midst of festivities and social associations. This is generally called the Strike and Pocket Table Game, primarily in light of the way that the crucial dissents that are required for playing the redirection are a carrom board, striker and distinctive coins. There are holes at the four corners of the table and the player needs to use the striker continually as indicated by the described standards of the preoccupation. The striker is the gadget which is used to impact exchange coins to fall into the openings particularly, thusly achieving more concentrations for the players. The guideline objects required for playing this delight are carrom men (19), strikers, ruler (red coin) and powder (for application on the board for smooth strikes). Disregarding the way that this diversion is to a great degree acclaimed in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, as of late, carrom is compensating for lost time with Americans and Europeans moreover. The system for playing is to use one's finger to dazzlingly use the striker to contact diverse coins known as carrom men, so that these carrom men fall into any of the four holes or pockets on the carrom board.

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