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| The Therapeutic Use of Essential Oil Essential oils have been used since early times, though the exact use of the oil is uncertain. A simple examination of ancient Greek and Roman texts reveals that essential oils were regularly used by healers and pharmacists as a cure all for almost any disease. The therapeutic properties of the oil are not only limited to the local application of the oil but also extend to treating ailments that are far away from the skin. One of the primary considerations for the successful use of essential oils against pathogenic bacteria is to carry out extensive research to yield higher yields of potent oils from botanical sources. Modern scientists are only now beginning to understand how the properties of essential oils have benefitted mankind over the ages. However, the medicinal properties of plants are more often studied in their native habitats where the plant is in its natural state rather than under laboratory conditions. In this way the scope of fundamental research on the effects of plant essential oils is widened Essential oils from this species of plant are found in varying concentrations in traditional medicine and holistic clinics. Essential oils of this type are usually diluted to make them more suitable for use in aromatherapy or other alternative medical practices. One of the most common uses of these plants is for disinfection of household and cosmetic products. These plant disinfectants are produced when volatile materials such as animal feces, human urine, etc. are mixed with the oil.

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