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Almond Milk Fragrance Oil

Product Code: AMFC

Gender: Unisex

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Elevate Your Craft with wellnessandhealthcare - Where Quality Meets Aroma.


When Smells Good, Sells Good: At wellnessandhealthcare, we understand the power of a captivating scent, and we invite you to craft with confidence, knowing that our fragrance oils are crafted for success. Our  fragrance oils are particularly formulated to use in any sorts of DIY projects:




Cosmetics & Personal Care

Aroma Diffusers

Perfumes & Aerosols


Beauty Products

Melt & Pour Soaps


Key features & details:


  1. Premium quality versatile multipurpose fragrance oils.
  2.  Fragrance oil diffuse well so that smell or notice from distance. ( strength Throw )
  3. Long lasting fragrance with well-balanced Top, middle & base notes.
  4. Wide range of Variety to pick any sort of DIY Projects.
  5. Ensure a tightly close the cap after use for freshness.
  6. For External use only.
  7. For use it in skin products , A Patch test must.



Packaging Quality: Fragrance oils are sensitive to light and air, At wellnessandhealthcare Aluminium bottles are often used to protect the oil from light exposure, and airtight seals prevent evaporation and contamination.

Almond Milk Fragrance oil uses