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apricot essential oil benefits for skincare & haircare
apricot essential oil benefits for skincare & haircare


Apricot Essential Oil

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 An apricot is a fruit of the tree of species in the genus Prunus. An apricot kernel is the seed of an apricot, and is often called a "stone".Apricot kernel oil is thin, odorless oil pressed from the seed or kernel of the apricot.


Botanical Name : Prunusarmeniaca.
Color and smell : Aprioct kernel oil is generally light yellow in color. It can also be slighter darker yellow depending on the variety of apricots and the extraction process. It has a deep, nutty flavor.
Extraction : The oil can be obtained from kernels using solvent extraction or cold pressed method.

Benefits of Apricot Essential oil :

1)  Apricot kernel oil gives generally useful oil suitable for a wide range of cooking. As it is rich in monounsaturated fat which helps bring down LDL & cholesterol and advances cardiovascular wellbeing.
2)  Apricot kernel oil helps soothe and heal the rough, damaged skin. The apricot kernel oil’s fine texture allows more rapid skin penetration, which promotes more prompt healing and nourishment of sore or chapped skin without residue. Apricot kernel oil is also beneficial in relieving the itch and irritation of eczema-ridden skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.
3)  Applying of apricot kernel oil cures dry and flaky scalp. It is very good for damaged and chemically treated hair. This will help restore the shine of the hair.
4)  Apricot kernel oil reduces inflammation when applied topically or when ingested.
5)  Apricot kernel oil is commonly used in the world of massage and cosmetics. It can blend with multiple different essential oils, including lavender, chamomile, rose, lilac, jasmine etc to create pleasing yet mild massage oil. The apricot kernel oil is popularly used in cosmetics like creams, soaps, and skin lotions.
6)    Apricot kernel oil is perfect for night moisturizer. As it will help to get rid of clogged pores, a shiny nose and will also moisturize dry skin.
7)   Apricot kernel oil aids in reducing dark circles, puffiness and helps to strengthen the skin around this region.With regular application of apricot kernel oil, one can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Cautions :

1)    Apricot kernels oil contains a substance called amygdalin. This is converted by the body into cyanide, which is poisonous which can lead to respiratory failure and may even be fatal.
2)    Apricot kernel oil is quite sensitive to light and heat and can get rancid quickly. So, keep it in cool dark place.
3)    Before use, do a patch test on wrist to see that it does not irritate the skin.

Disclaimer :

This piece of writing is only for the purpose of education and is written wholly in the concern of sharing the long-established insight of Ayurveda, the mother of all healing sciences. It is not intended to prevent or diagnose any disease or health conditions or to substitute any kind of expert medical advice or prescribed medications.

Do not use essential oils internally. Always ensure that you dilute essential oils in suitable carrier oils before using it for topical application, as pure and organic essential oils are highly concentrated substances. Consult your healthcare professional/Ayurvedic practitioner before choosing the right essential oil for your unique individual constitution and medical condition.

Apricot Essential oil / Prunusarmeniaca Essential oil

Apricot Essential oil / Prunus...

Apricot Essential oil / Prunusarmeniaca essential oil

Apricot Essential oil / Prunus...

Apricot Essential oil / Prunusarmeniaca essential oil

Apricot Essential oil / Prunus...

Apricot Essential oil / Prunusarmeniaca essential oil