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Awaken your Anatomy with purnanava

October 22, 2018


Punarnava is a rasayan herb of flowering plant from the family Nyctaginaceae with a sweet, pungent and astringent in taste. It has tiny pink flowers which bloom throughout the year sprinkling the ground with hotspots of color. Punarnava is the word derived from two different words “punar”, which means “again” and “nava” means new” that means rejuvenates or renews the body. In ayurveda, punarnava is one of the best herbs for balancing and rejuvenating in health promoting qualities. Its Botanical name is Boerhaviadiffusa, the name is given in honor of Hermann Boerhaave, a famous Dutch physician of the 18th century.

Parts used for medicinal purpose : Root, leaves, aerial parts or the whole plant.

Growth Habit : Diffuse herb, Weed.

Common name : English Name- Spreading Hogweed, Red Hogweed, horse purslane, pigweed, Red spiderling, Tarvine

  1. Tamil Name- Mukaratte- Kirai

  2. Telugu Name- Atikamamidi

  3. Punjabi Name- Itsit

  4. Marathi Name- Ghetuli

  5. Assamese name –  pananua

  6. Bengali name punarnova

  7. Gujarati name: satodi

  8. Hindi name: gadha-cand, Gadahpurna, Gadahbin

  9. Konkani name: punarnava

  10. Malayalam name: talutama, tavilama

  11. Urdu name: tukhm-i-ispast


Awakening varied properties of Punarnava –

  1. Prevents Arthritis : Punarnava is helpful to fight against joint pains. It provides relief from pain in the joints remedy for arthritis.

  2. Protects liver : Punarnava helps to detoxify, rejuvenate liver. It helps in stimulating the secretion of bile on a regular basis, which keeps the liver healthy and functional. Punarnava powder also combats the disorders of liver like hepatitis, jaundice, anaemia, anorexia and sluggish liver.

  3. Relieves GIT disorders : Punarnava is beneficial for stomach disorders because it strengthens the stomach muscles and kills & gets rid of intestinal worms.

  4. Aids in weight loss: Punarnava supports optimal weight management. This stimulates excretion and the removal of extra fluids from the body & also acts as a mild laxative. Therefore, it ends up in promoting weight loss in the body.

  5. Lowers glucose levels : Punarnava significantly decreases glucose levels in blood and in turn increases plasma insulin levels. It is useful in purifying the blood which further energizes the body and improves strength.

  6. Prevents UTI infection : Punarnava is a remedy for urinary tract infections. It has anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Further it prevents burning sensation while urinating.

  7. Acts as diuretic : Punarnava act as a diuretic and is useful for curing swellings in the body, flushes toxins and promotes balanced fluid levels in the tissues (without the risk of losing important electrolytes and aids in healthy flow of urine. It also prevents the formation of urinary stones.

  8. Tackles skin problems: Severalskin diseases can be cured by applying paste of punarnava.

  9. Fights respiratory diseases: Punarnava also promotes the removal of phlegm from the bronchial tubes which further aids in asthma.

  10. Aids in muscular function : Nervous weakness and loss of muscles functioning like paralysis can be cured with the help of regular usage of punarnava.

  11. Builds immune response: Punarnava is a good herb for cancer treatment. It enhances the immune response and inhibits the metastatic progression of melanoma cells.

  12. Prevents heart failure: Punarnava also helps in preventing congestive heart failure.


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