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Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil
Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil
Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil


Cinnamon Essential Oil Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Grade

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Cinnamon oil comes from Cinnamonumverum / Cinnamonumzeylanicum from the Laurel (Lauraceae) plant family also called Lauruscinnamomum. This belongs from a small and bushy evergreen tree ranges in height from 5 metres to 15 metres depending on origin. The bark is rough, scaly and the leaves are the source of essential oil with bright green color and emit a spicy odour with a hot, pungent taste. Cinnamon leaf oil has chief components like eugenol, eugenol acetate, cinnamic aldehyde, linalool, and benzyl benzoate.



Uses of Cinnamon Oil :

1)      Cinnamon oil works as a non-toxic natural disinfectant.
2)      Cinnamon oil adding in shampoo will keep the hairs healthy & stubborn head lice away in children.
3)      Cinnamon oil mixed with olive oil and sugar can be a great rejuvenating antiseptic facial scrub.
4)      Cinnamon oil can be added to plain water to make it a gargle wash and to hot water for foot soak.
5)      Spraying or diffusing with cinnamon leaf oil is used as repelling mosquitoes and bed bugs.
6)      Mixing of cinnamon leaf oil with cream or lotion will give a soothing effect on skin.
7)      Cinnamon oil can also be used as an additive in soaps.


Attributes :

1   Cinnamon oil has warm and antispasmodic effect and will help ease muscular aches, sprains, rheumatism, and arthritis. Thereby reducing an inflammation and redness of the skin.
2   Cinnamom oil used as a tonic that assists in reducing drowsiness and gives physically and mentally energy boost. It also offers benefits against viral infections, such as coughs and colds and helps prevent them from spreading.
3   Cinnamon oil when get diffused using vaporizer or burner can help ease chest congestion and bronchitis.
4   Cinnamon  oil aids in improving blood circulation and ensures that body’s cell receive adequate oxygen supply and also assist in increase metabolic activity.
5   Cinnamon oil has gastric benefits because of its chief components and works well for helping alleviate nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea. It also works as an antibacterial agent that can promote good digestion.


Cautions :

1)  Store in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers, protected from heat and light.
2)   Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using cinnamon leaf oil, as it has emmenagogue effects and may induce menstruation, which is dangerous for the unborn child.
3)  Avoid administering cinnamon leaf oil on very young children.
4)  Use cinnamon leaf oil in moderation and properly diluted, as high dosages may lead to convulsions in some individuals. This oil may also lead to side effects such as skin irritation, mouth sores, dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea.
5)   Cinnamon leaf oil may irritate urinary tract, intestines, and stomach lining, if taken internally.
6)  Avoid cinnamon leaf oil is you are using blood thinning medications.
7)  High dosages of cinnamon leaf oil can cause convulsions.
8)  For external use only. 

Disclaimer :

This article is meant only for the use of education and information. It is not in any way recommended for substituting prescription drugs or expert medical guidance. We are not professionals in healthcare and this information is shared purely based on the interest of spreading the fragrance of Ayurvedic healing, the world’s oldest medical system on earth. Never use essential oils internally and make sure that you dilute essential oils before using it for external application. This is because 100 percent organic and pure essential oils are highly concentrated substances and may cause allergic reactions if used on the skin directly. Talk with your Ayurvedic practitioner/ healthcare expert before selecting the most suitable essential oils for your prakriti or unique individual constitution and state of health.

Cimmamom Essential Oil Use & Benefits

Cimmamom Essential Oil 1

Cimmamom Essential Oil

Cimmamom Essential Oil 3

Cimmamom Essential Oil

Cimmamom Essential Oil

Cimmamom Essential Oil


Botanical Name :  Cinnamomumverum/ CinnamomumZeylancium.
Color & Smell : Cinnamon leaf oil has a musky woody scent and yellowish to pale brown tinge oily liquid with a sweet and spicy smell & flavor.

Extraction : Cinnamon  oil is obtained by steam distillation of cinnamon leaves and twigs.

What is the use of Cinnamon Essential Oil ?