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Pure Garlic Essential Oil
Pure Garlic Essential Oil


Garlic Essential Oil - Garlic Oil

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Product Type: Essential Oil

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Garlic Essential Oil / Garlic Oil / Allium sativum Oil / Alliaceae Oil / Allium Oil / Ajo Oil / Lasun Oil


Garlic Essential Oil is derived from the garlic bulb (Allium sativum) through a process called steam distillation. It's important to note that while garlic is commonly used in culinary and medicinal applications, the essential oil is not as widely available or used due to its strong odour and potency.


Plant Part Used
Bulb of the garlic plant is used to make Garlic Essential Oil.


Extraction Process:
Steam distillation is typically used to extract Garlic Essential Oil. This method involves passing steam through the garlic bulbs, which helps release the volatile aromatic compounds present in the plant material. The steam, along with the essential oil molecules, is then condensed and collected, with the essential oil separated from the water.


Garlic Essential Oil for Aromatherapy: It is sometimes used in aromatherapy, particularly in blends targeting respiratory health. Its potent aroma may help clear nasal passages and support respiratory function.

Garlic Essential Oil for Topical Applications: When appropriately diluted, Garlic Essential Oil may be used topically for its potential antibacterial and antifungal properties. It may help address minor skin issues like acne, warts, or fungal infections.

Garlic Essential Oil for Hair Care: Some people use diluted Garlic Essential Oil in hair care preparations, believing it could help promote scalp health and stimulate hair growth. However, its strong smell may be off-putting for some individuals.

Garlic Essential Oil for Insect Repellent: Due to its pungent odor, Garlic Essential Oil is sometimes used in natural insect repellent formulations to deter pests like mosquitoes, flies, and ticks.

Garlic Essential Oil Potential Health Benefits: Garlic, both in its raw form and as an essential oil, is believed to offer various health benefits, including immune support, cardiovascular health, and antioxidant properties. 


Supports respiratory health
Treats acne, scars and fungal infections
Clears airways
Acts as a natural insect repellent
Supports immune functioning
Supports cardiovascular health


Meant for external use
Do not consume 
Try patch skin test before full application 
Dilute before usage 
Avoid direct sun exposure
Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using this product

Garlic Essential Oil Use & Benefits