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Buy Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil at Best Wholesale Marketplace Wellness And Healthcare
Buy Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil at Best Wholesale Marketplace Wellness And Healthcare
Buy Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil at Best Wholesale Marketplace Wellness And Healthcare
Buy Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil at Best Wholesale Marketplace Wellness And Healthcare
Buy Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil at Best Wholesale Marketplace Wellness And Healthcare


Jojoba Seed Oil Benefits

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Jojoba Seeds oil is natural oil extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant, shrub. Jojoba oil is composed of all important vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and B-complex, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, and iodine.Jojoba oil being the closest in construction to the human sebum is a natural replacement for it. When the body is unable to produce enough sebum to protect against harsh external elements, jojoba oil can be the perfect skincare solution.

Botanical name- Simmondsiachinensis
Color & smell- It is light-yellow, non-sticky, odorless, nutty flavor and has a long shelf life.

Extraction :  Cold pressed.

Benefits :


  1.   Jojoba Seeds oil helps retain moisture in the skin thereby keeping the skin hydrated and looking fresh. It helps moisturize the skin, without clogging the pores, allowing for a healthy skin type. In addition, it also averts the buildup of bacteria in the pores       of  the face, which tend to cause blackheads and breakout of acne.    Jojoba Seeds oil is the best and favored make-up removers and preliminary because of its moment purifying property
  2.   Jojoba Seeds oil also has the tendency to ensure no dryness and crackson the lips thereby giving it soften and fresh lips.
  3.   The basic vitamins introduce in Jojoba oil help significantly decrease wrinkles and the unmistakable impacts of maturing.
  4.   Jojoba oil is a good alternative for natural sun screen when applied on the full body during summers.
  5.   Jojoba Seeds Oil soothes any burnt skin by going deeper into the tissues and healing them, this helps the pain after a sunburn or tan. With its common mending properties Jojoba oil is useful in decreasing skin consumes amid shaving.
  6.   Jojoba Seeds oil helps strengthen hair follicles on the scalp causing hair to grow stronger and healthier. The presence of Vitamin E & B conditions the hair shaft making the hair shinier, adding volume & density and further prevents hair breakage. Thus       avoiding  dandruff and itching.
  7.   Jojoba Seeds oil also has a role in treatment of fungal infections of the skin, ranging from athletes foot, to candida infections and even infections of the nails.
  8.   Jojoba Seeds oil also strengthens the capillary walls in your skin and improves moisture and elasticity, acting as a natural anti-aging nutrient within your body.
  9.    Jojoba oil keeps pores clean, and can lessen sebum discharge by the skin. This thus diminishes the probability of blockage happening.
  10.    Jojoba oil can promote the development of new cells, protect from infection and reduce oxidative damage.
  11.    Jojoba Seeds oil is also used for body massage providing a non-greasy texture and pleasant smell that will give you a soothing feeling.
  12.    Jojoba oil also works as a boon for pregnant ladies due its ability to reduce and prevent the inevitable stretch marks.

Cautions :

1)    Keep out of children.
2)    May cause allergic reactions.
3)    Not to take from mouth.

Disclaimer :

This article is meant only for the use of education and information. It is not in any way recommended for substituting prescription drugs or expert medical guidance. We are not professionals in healthcare and this information is shared purely based on the interest of spreading the fragrance of Ayurvedic healing, the world’s oldest medical system on earth. Never use essential oils internally and make sure that you dilute essential oils before using it for external application. This is because 100 percent organic and pure essential oils are highly concentrated substances and may cause allergic reactions if used on the skin directly. Talk with your Ayurvedic practitioner/ healthcare expert before selecting the most suitable essential oils for your prakriti or unique individual constitution and state of health. Please avoid using Basil oil if you have sensitive skin or during pregnancy.

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