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Kaoline Powder Benefits & uses for Skin , Cosmetic Grade,Pure & Natural

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Kaolin occurs naturally as clay in nature and is a soft, white, absorbent powder composed primarily of the mineral-kaolinite. It is mostly found in soil developed from the weathering of rocks and being widely used in skin care products. Commonly called as China clay, bolus alba, porcelain clay, white bole and argilla. It is a white or yellow-white powder that has a slightly oily feel and is insoluble in water.


Uses :

1)   Kaolin powder when applied on skin with a little warm water or lavender oil, it will soak up excess oils and stale sebum on and within the skin and can used as a daily facial cleanser.
2)  Make a soothing facial mask by mixing up kaolin powder and honey in a small bowl. Slather this lightly onto the face and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water first, then cold water. Apart from soothing the skin it will treat acne too.
3)  In a mixing bowl, add 1 tsp of kaolin powder, 1 tsp of aloe vera gel and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Mix well and gently apply all over the face. Avoid the areas around the eyes and mouth. Dry the face and rinse it with cold water. It will make the skin toned with tightened appearance making the fine lines reduce.
4)  Paste of kaolin powder can also be applied on wounds to stops bleeding.

Attributes :

1)  Kaolin powder can make a daily mild soothing, gently exfoliating facial cleanser. It is also great for absorbing oils and treating whiteheads.
2)  Kaolin powder is perfect for getting rid of flaky, dead skin leaving behind just soft radiant skin.
3)  Kaolin powder also relieves and acts as protecting coat for soreness and swelling inside the mouth.
4)  Kaolin powder is an excellent for hairs because it will remove dirt from the scalp and won't strip of the natural oils of the hairs. It will gently clean the scalp & increases the circulation and help strengthen the hair roots.
5)  Kaolin powder is used for mild-to-moderate diarrhea and acts as an adsorbent to bind GI toxins and increases the bulk of feces. Kaolin powder also improves stool consistency.
6)   Kaolin clay powder is also a food additive.
7)  Kaolin clay powder also has the ability to controls the body odor.

Cautions :

1)      Do not inhale kaolin powder.
2)      Keep out of reach of children.
3)      Consult a doctor.

Disclaimer :

This article is meant only for the use of education and information. It is not in any way recommended for substituting prescription drugs or expert medical guidance. We are not professionals in healthcare and this information is shared purely based on the interest of spreading the fragrance of Ayurvedic healing, the world’s oldest medical system on earth. Talk with your Ayurvedic practitioner/ healthcare expert before selecting the most suitable clay for your prakriti or unique individual constitution and state of health.

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