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Karanj Seed Oil

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Karanja is an Ayurvedic medicine, used predominantly in skin diseases. Karanja twigs were used as tooth brush in ancient times.
Its botanical name is Pongamia pinnata.
Hindi name – Dithouri
English name – Indian beech
Malayalam, Tamil name – Pongum
Kannada name – Honge mara
Botanical Name – Pongamia Glabra or
Traditional uses as per Ayurveda:

Yonidoshahrut – detoxifies vaginal diseases, useful in uterine disorders.
Kushtaghna – useful in skin diseases
Udavartahara – relieves bloating
Gulmahara – relieves abdominal tumour, bloating
Arshahara – Useful in piles / haemorrhoids
Vranahara – helps in quick wound healing
Krumihara – relieves worm infestation
Karanja Taila is an herbal oil. It is used in the treatment of herpes, boils and abscesses. It is most commonly used in north Indian Ayurvedic practice.Karanj Oils Having medicinal and Anti septic Properties for treating echzema, dandruff, psoriasis, Abdominal tumors, piles and infection caused by worms, relives constipation and bloating.
Some Research Shows there are many chemical and physical properties resembling for Alternate fuel with the existing one.
This medicine should strictly be used under medical supervision.


This article is meant only for the use of education and information. It is not in any way recommended for substituting prescription drugs or expert medical guidance. We are not professionals in healthcare and this information is shared purely based on the interest of spreading the fragrance of Ayurvedic healing, the world’s oldest medical system on earth.
Never use essential oils internally and make sure that you dilute essential oils before using it for external application. This is because 100 percent organic and pure essential oils are highly concentrated substances and may cause allergic reactions if used on the skin directly.
Talk with your Ayurvedic practitioner/ healthcare expert before selecting the most suitable essential oils for your prakriti or unique individual constitution and state of health. Please avoid using Basil oil if you have sensitive skin or during pregnancy.

Karanj Seed Oil Use & Benefits