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Lavender Hydrosol

Product Code: LHYS

Product Type: Hydrosol / Water

Gender: Unisex

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Lavender Hydrosol 
Lavender Hydrosol is a floral water produced during steam distillation stage of lavender essential oil production. It is sourced from lavender petals. It is a refreshing and relaxing product that can be used for cosmetic skincare, as well as home care. It is a natural product that can be used directly on the skin for its relaxing and therapeutic properties as well as on linens, in rooms for repelling insects or for its aromatic floral scent. 

Ideal for
Hydrating and soothing skin
Calming and relaxing in skincare, bathwater or body mist
Natural fragrance for indoor spaces
Increasing hair growth
Refreshing the scalp
Reducing irritation
100% Natural and Pure Distilled Lavender Hydrosol 

Reasons to Love 
This 100% pure lavender hydrosol is a versatile product that can be used in beauty, wellness and therapeutic applications. It leaves you felling relaxed, at peace and offers the same soothing benefits as lavender essential oil without the need for dilution. It is safe to use directly on skin or mix with water for beauty applications and in indoor spaces. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties and is a naturally sourced product. You can use it as a toner or as a mist throughout the day for a refreshing scent, soothing skin and aromatic properties. Its a must have for unwinding after a long day. 

100% naturally distilled hydrosol. Packed in glass reusable bottles for longer and sustainable use. Steam distillation process used with proper hygiene guidelines. Sourced from the best available natural products, using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Distilled in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and potency.


Lavender Hydrosol / Water Uses & Benefits