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Buy Fragrance oil online wholesale for cosmetics , sopas, candles, diffusers wellness and Healthcare
Buy Fragrance oil online wholesale for cosmetics , sopas, candles, diffusers wellness and Healthcare
Buy Fragrance oil online wholesale for cosmetics , sopas, candles, diffusers wellness and Healthcare


Romance Fragrance oil For Cosmetics / Candles / Massage Oils / Soaps / Diffusers / Car perfume

Product Code: RFOC

Product Type: Fragrance oIl

Gender: Unisex

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Elevate Your Craft with wellnessandhealthcare - Where Quality Meets Aroma.


When It Smells Good, Sells Good: At wellnessandhealthcare, we understand the power of a captivating scent, and we invite you to craft with confidence, knowing that our fragrance oils are crafted for success. Our  fragrance oils are particularly formulated to use in any sorts of DIY projects:




Cosmetics & Personal Care

Aroma Diffusers

Perfumes & Aerosols


Beauty Products

Melt & Pour Soaps


Key features & details:


  1. Premium quality versatile multipurpose fragrance oils.
  2.  Fragrance oil diffuse well so that smell or notice from distance. ( strength Throw )
  3. Long lasting fragrance with well-balanced Top, middle & base notes.
  4. Wide range of Variety to pick any sort of DIY Projects.
  5. Ensure a tightly close the cap after use for freshness.
  6. For External use only.
  7. For use it in skin products , A Patch test must.



Packaging Quality: Fragrance oils are sensitive to light and air, At wellnessandhealthcare Aluminium bottles are often used to protect the oil from light exposure, and airtight seals prevent evaporation and contamination.





Romance Fragrance Oil Uses


Specification Details

Top Note :

Middle Note:

Base Note :

Color: Clear yellowish

Aroma : Characteristic

Phthalate:  Free

Paraben : Free

Shelf Life : 2 years from the date of Packaging

Country of origin: INDIA / BHARAT


Performance of Fragrance in Candles:

The behavior of fragrance oils in candles is a crucial factor in determining the overall quality and performance of scented candles. Here are some key aspects of fragrance behavior in candles:


Scent Throw: Scent throw refers to the strength and distribution of the fragrance when the candle is burning. A good fragrance oil should have a strong and consistent scent throw, filling the surrounding space with the intended aroma.

Cold Throw vs. Hot Throw: The cold throw is the fragrance emitted when the candle is unlit, while the hot throw is the scent released when the candle is burning. A quality fragrance oil should exhibit both a pleasing cold throw when the candle is not lit and a robust hot throw when it is burning.

Even Diffusion: The fragrance should diffuse evenly throughout the entire burning process. Uneven distribution can result in certain areas having a stronger scent than others.

Stability and Longevity: The fragrance should remain stable throughout the candle's life, and the scent should last for a reasonable amount of time. A high-quality fragrance oil contributes to a longer-lasting and consistent scent experience.



Performance of fragrance Oil in Cosmetics :

The behavior of fragrance oils in cosmetics is an important consideration for cosmetic formulators and users alike. Fragrance oils are commonly used to add pleasant scents to various cosmetic products, such as lotions, creams, perfumes, and soaps. Here are some key aspects of fragrance oil behavior in cosmetics:


1. Compatibility with Ingredients: Fragrance oils need to be compatible with the other ingredients in the cosmetic formulation. Some ingredients may react with certain components of the fragrance, affecting the stability and overall quality of the product.

2. Stability: Fragrance oils should contribute to the stability of the cosmetic product, ensuring that the scent remains consistent over time and does not degrade or change in character.



Performance In soaps:


Saponification Compatibility: Yes

Retention of Scent: yes
Usage Rate: 0.25-1%
Acceleration or Deceleration: Low
Color Stability: yes
Longevity: yes

Discoloration : No